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ABN 60 618 365 753

Practitioner: Ana M.Boskovic
Contact details: 0431 698 150
Email: ana@abcounsellingservices.com.au

  • Registered with AASW Australian Association of Social Workers & abides by the AASW Code Of Ethics. Holds AMHSW registration with AASW and is a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker. Has extensive post graduate training and experience in the field of Mental Health.
  • Registered provider for Psychological services under Medicare & implements only evidence-based strategies as approved & required under Medicare.
  • Undertakes ongoing professional development and training to maintain accreditation with AASW & engages in regular supervision.

     Mission - Assist individuals and Families to achieve and lead better quality lives
     Vision – Healthy Individual and Family Functioning
     Efficacy – guarantee of quality service and client centred intervention
     Core Values - Provide access to therapeutical interventions for all Australians with focus on transparency and respect.
     AB Counselling Service Goals: Consistency to create positive change and to encourage client responsibility for ongoing management of positive health and mental health issues experienced.

How to access fully bulk billed psychological intervention and support at AB counselling services:

You may be entitled to access a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year under the Medicare Better Access scheme or Mental Health Care Plan MHCP. If identified that you may benefit from further treatment after the 6th session, contact with your identified GP will occur and a request for consideration of your eligibility to access a further 4 sessions will be requested.

Under Medicare compliance, the primary treatment modality employed at AB Counselling Services is CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & ACT Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.  Full fee paying clients are treated utilising various psychological treatment modalities including CBT & ACT though not limited to; Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies.

Ana uses a range of interventions in helping individuals with mental health disorders including the following focused psychological strategies:

Psycho Education including Motivational Interviewing   

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Skills Training including: Problem Solving Anger Management Social Skills & Stress Management

AB Counselling offers Treatment for:

Depression & Other Mood Disorders

Adjustment issues including major life events such as ageing childbirth marriage, divorce, pregnancy, and retirement

Sleeping difficulties

Anxiety disorders

Grief and Loss

Relationship Problems

Family Conflicts

Personality Disorders

Suicidal thoughts and self harming behaviours

Life Crises & Trauma



"I have been to many Counsellors in the past but find that Ana's approach is
very positive and I feel very safe and comfortable. She has helped me to
achieve positive outcomes with my depression and job outcomes"

Danny - male age 46

"I have enjoyed engaging in therapy as I love the calming and relaxing
atmosphere Ana creates in her room. I have been able to use that strategies
and tools learnt in sessions at home which has helped me with my anxiety
and mental health issues experienced. Ana has also helped me with issues
relating to the separation with my ex partner"

Jaime - female age 35

"I like the way Ana explains things. I have been to a few therapists and I
found that Ana's approach to counselling helped me phenomenally. Ana is
brilliant and is kind, helpful, caring and doesn't take crap. Briliant"

Kristy - female age 38

"I like Ana's style and approach with therapy and feel that my privacy and
confidentiality is respected. I feel comfortable in attending sessions with
AB counselling and would recommend the service to others. The support
received in sessions have been helpful in creating positive changes in my
life in a holistic sense. Ana is respectful and I feel believed what I
discuss issues with her.

Female - age 46

Social Work Supervision

"Ana's gentle approach to challenging me with my professional practice and
with my personal and professional goals has allowed me to consider
alternative options and maintain the important work/life balance. Ana's
ability to recognise the interface of my persona and professional self and
the importance to me to allow time to discuss that within supervision

Female - age 33

"I find Ana's relaxing demeanour very helpful as a result I feel comfortable
in sharing. There is no judgement in the supervision sessions. I find the
face to face contact very effective. Since my schedule can be erratic Ana
has accommodated me by providing supervision and support over the phone. I
feel that my confidentiality and privacy is respected".

Katherine - Female age 52